Pride of Palm Bay Chapter #2

Sis. Giordani- Illustrative Matron

Palm Bay Social Club was started in 2002. Venerable Edgar Craigg and Sis Pamela Paul had a discussion and decided to form a social. Together with other members of the Order who had moved from New York, and some other northern states, they initiated meetings to form the club with the intention of becoming a Chapter of the independent United Order of Mechanics, Friendly Society. Thirteen new members were initiated under the pearl of Mt. Zion Chapter #1, at the beginning of 2002.

Throughout the years, the social had its share of ups and downs. Out then sponsor, Pearl of Mount Zion Chapter #1, initiated many members in the Order, always supporting the goal of the social.

In June 2012, the Flordia District Grand Lodge #1, gave sponsorship to the Pride of Palm Bay Lodge #5, to ease the financial distress of members having to travel almost 200 miles to Pearl of Mt. Zion, Chapter #1.

Over the years, some members left for personal reasons, some went on to their heavenly chapter (notable- Sis. Dorothy Seaton- PIM, Sis. Brunache Jones- SK, and Sis. Ruth Pierre). Others persevered through determination and dedication, and are now elated to be founding members of a new link to the IUOM, Pride of Palm Bay Chapter #2, inaugurated on January 14, 2017.

The illustrative Matron, Sis. Nicole A. Johnson, SL is pleased to carry the torch with her new administration for the year 2017-1018. We pray that God will give us wisdom as we move from strength-to-strength, and grow in friendship, truth, love, and unity.

Respectfully submitted,

Sis. Charmaine Nelson, PIM, SK

Secretary, Pride of Palm Bay Chapter #2


Sister Yvonne Robinson

PIM Deputy Matron

Sister Charmaine Nelson

PIM, SK Secretary

Sister Nicole Johnson

PIM, SK Recording Secretary

Sister Anita McLennon

PIM, PEGC Treasurer

Sister Sherrill Bonnick-Walker

 6th degree Senior Deacon

Sister Teslyn Ferguson

PIM, SK Junior Deacon

Sister Louise Rose

PIM Tyler

Sister T. Arline Johnson

PIM, SK Inner Guard

Sister Yvonne Jones

MM  Trustee

Sister Lorna Scott

3rd Degree Trustee

Sister Daphne Bonnick

MM, SK Trustee

Sister Millicent Ludford

PIM  Auditor

Sister Abraham-Barnes

PIM, SK Auditor

Sister Maybelle Jemison

PIM,  SK Chaplain

Sister Nicole Johnson

PIM, SK, Immediate Past Matron

Venerable Egbert Roy Chambers

PGM Patron


Sister Cheryl Dunkley
Sister Marieta Gill
Sister Maybelle Jemison
Sis. Iva V. Spencer
Sis. Constance Tracy