Pride Of Palm Bay #5

Bro. Errol Forbes- Illustrative Grand

Pride of Palm Bay Lodge No.5
Fifth Mechanic Lodge in the State of Florida

 The City of Palm Bay located in central Florida developed rapidly during 1990 and the year 2000. As the building boom continued, many Mechanics relocated from  London, England, and New York.

Sometime in 1995, two Brothers from  Composite District Grand Lodge, No.2, Brooklyn, New York. Namely, Ven. Donald  Jones  P.G.M., and Bro. Carlton Drummonds H.P., decided  to organize a Mechanics lodge in Palm Bay.

On August  20th, 1995 at 7:30pm. The first  meeting was called to order, at 251 Neville Circle,  Palm Bay, Florida; under the chairmanship of Venerable Donald Jones P.G.M.

Members in attendance were: Ven. Donald  Jones  P. G M., and Brother Dudley Campbell R.A., members of the Mechanics Order. Bro. Lloyd Brice a Master Mason., {member of a Masonic Lodge}; Mr. Ambrose Moore and Mr. Hebert Moore. The other founding member Bro. Carlton Drummond H. P. was not able to attend the first meeting due to prior commitments.

The social held regular meetings on the third  Saturday of each month at the residence of Ven. Donald  Jones  P.G.M.; until he could no longer accommodate the number of members attending meetings. Subsequently, the meeting venue was moved to the Grater Palm  Bay Senior Center.

During this period, new members were initiated and elevated by the sponsoring Unit Mizpah of Orlando Lodge  No.4 in Orlando, Florida. The social continued to progress financially, and recruited many new members. After many months of challenges and dedication they had a total of twenty-nine members. The sponsoring lodge, Mizpah of Orlando Lodge No.4, informed the Florida District Grand Lodge, that the social met the requirements and applied for a dispensation on their behalf.

Inauguration and Installation:

Upon the recommendation of Florida District Grand  Lodge No.1, the Executive Committee of Grand Council issued a Dispensation in the name of Pride of Palm Bay Lodge No.5.

In, June 2002, the Rt. Worshipful District Grand Master, Hon. George Powell, of Florida District Grand  Lodge No.1 and his staff of officers; visited Mizpah of Orlando Lodge No4, at 1275 Culver Drive, N. E., Palm Bay, Florida, for the purpose of the inauguration of the new Unit and installation of officers for the ensuing term.


Bro. Raphel HypoliteSK Deputy Master
Bro. Lloyd BricePIG Secretary
Bro. Gilbert CijntjeMM Assistant Secretary
Bro. Lincoln TurnerMM Treasurer
Bro. Bentley NotemanMM Senior Deacon
Bro. Antende CampbellJunior Deacon
Bro.  Renue BonnickPIG Inner Guard
Bro. Leon MorganTyler
Bro. Dudley AndersonMM Chaplain