Pearl Of Mt. Zion Chapter #1

Sis. Leonora Anderson, PIM- Illustrative Matron

Sometime in 1992, a few Sisters and their friends (who were not members of the Mechanics Order) met at the residence of Sis. Luna Delesa Bryan, at 3649 Jackson  Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 33312; with the objective of forming a female Mechanics Social.

For a while, the members were struggling on the shores of Hope, when two positive thinking stalwarts; namely, Sisters Luna Delesa Bryan and Catherine Daley, decided to take the Social to the next level on the shores of success.

At times, they faced many challenges but they were able to overcome these obstacles with sound minds and high spirits. Their problems were due to a fluctuating membership. At times they would have the numbers to make up a Chapter; and at other times, attendance was waning.

After several months of organizing and persistence, a second Social formed in Miami by Sis. Phyllis Johnson P. I. M., Sis. Evern  Collins and members of Mt. Zion Lodge No.4, merged with the Ft. Lauderdale Social lead by Sis. Luna  D. Bryan and Sis. Gloria  Ritch, to form the Pearl of Mt. Zion Social.

However, with the guidance, commitment, and dedication of Hon. Ansel Collins H. P., Hon. Alfred Johnson H. P., Hon. Augustus Chester  R. A., Hon. Clifford  Henry  R. A., Hon. Joseph Cooper  P. E. C. and Hon. Robert Stanley Griffiths H. P., they were able to obtain sponsorship from the Beacon of Miami Chapter No. 14.

In 1996, due to the cohesiveness of the membership, the Beacon of Miami Chapter No. 14, submitted an application for a dispensation to the Florida  District  Grand Lodge, on behalf of the social.

On May 24th, 1997, upon the recommendation of the Florida  District Grand Lodge No. 1, the Executive  Committee of Grand Council issued a Dispensation in the name of Pearl of Mt. Zion Chapter No.1.

The Rt. Worshipful District  Grand Master, Hon. Berris Anderson and his staff of officers performed the inaugural and installation ceremonies. Also in attendance was the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Order, Rt. Hon. Winston  Anthony Jones,  who read the declaration.


Sis. Erma SalomonPIM Deputy Matron
Sis. Gloria Ritch-SirjuePIM Secretary
Sis. Norma LeMignotPIM Treasurer 
Sis. Lorraine KnowlesSK Senior Deacon
Sis. Gretel SpaldingPIM Junior Deacon
Sis. Evern CollinsPIM Inner Guard
Sis. Norma SawyersPIM Tyler
SIS. Pamela PaulPIM Chaplain
Sis. Winsome BoltonPIM Trustee
Sis. Nola CrichtonPIM Auditor
Sis Phyllis JohnsonPIM auditor