Mt. Zion Lodge #4

Bro. Adrian Sargeant, MM- Illustrative Grand

Mt. Zion Lodge No.4 Fourth Mechanic Lodge in the State of Florida

Looking back over the years from 1987 to 2007. It is evident that there had to be some fraternal fortitude and a fervent love of Mechanism; which enabled the members of Mt. Zion Lodge No.4, to take the baton from one decade to another.

Sometime in 1987 Brother Alfred Johnson, a Priest of the Order, relocated to the State of Florida, from Boston, Massachusetts. He later met Brothers Venroy Luthan Miller P.I.G, S.K., Clifford  Henry P.I.G., and Mr.Martin Jordan. Soon, they were motivated by the success of the other three lodges,an.d began planning to form a Mechanic Social Club.

They proceeded to organize a few members with the help of Bro. Alton L.Spencer, Past Illustrative Grand of Beacon of Miami Lodge  No.17. In mid-1987, the group convened their first meeting at 630 N.W.183rd Terrace, Miami Gardens, Florida, 33169. After the meeting a letter was sent to Beacon of Miami Lodge No.17  requesting sponsorship.

A Scrutinizing Committee comprising of the following members was appointed to instruct -the social Namely, Bro. George Powell M. M., Bro.Roy Wright M. M., Bro.Lloyd Mattis S.K. and Bro. Venroy  L. Miller P. I.G

During the months ahead, they held several meetings and fund-raising events, in order to purchase paraphernalia and offset additional expenses. Like most organizations in a state of infancy, the social had its share of challenges to maintain the required twenty-five members. There were times when the prospect appeared dim, but due to the tenacity of a few faithful members; namely, Brother Errol  Hines, Augustus Chester, N.Delgado, Ansel Collins, Clifford Henry, Ohnel Thorp, Martin Jordan, Olridge Brandon, Brian Swaby, Henry Richards, Marcus Frederick, Gladstone Mc Calla, and George Casis, they were able to continue with great optimism.

Inauguration and Installation:

Towards the end of 1989, the Scrutinizing Committee informed Beacon of Miami Lodge No.17, that the offices of the social have been elected; members elevated, and have met all the requirements to form a lodge of the Mechanics Order.

Upon this recommendation, Alpha District Grand Lodge No.1 NY, and the Executive Committee of the Grand  Council issued a Dispensation in the name of Mt.Zion Lodge No. 4.

On Saturday, February 17th,1990, The Rt. Worshipful District Grand Master Hon. Horace L. Mills, of Alpha District Grand Lodge No.1, New York and his staff of officers, pursuant to notice, visited the Odd Fellows Lodge Hall, located at 1451 North Dixie Hwy, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, for the purpose of installing the officers of Pearl of Ft. Lauderdale Lodge No.19 for the ensuing term and, the inauguration and installation of the officers of Mt.Zion Lodge No.4.

This unique and historic ceremony of the inauguration of a new Lodge, of the Independent United Order of Mechanics, was witnessed by the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Order, Rt. Hon.Winston Anthony Jones. He was accompanied by Rt. Hon .H. George Bull, Executive Grand Secretary, Rt. Hon. Cyprian J.Grant, Executive Grand Treasurer, Rt.Hon.Hector Alfanso, Executive Grand Assistant Secretary, Rt. Hon.Aston Moore, Executive Grand Recording  Secretary,  and Rt. Hon. Septimus Swaney, Executive Grand Tyler.

Also in attendance was Hon. Henry Curry, Rt. Worshipful District Grand Master, accompanied by Hon. John Young, District Grand Deputy Master, Hon. Raymond Culmer, District Grand Secretary, Hon. Alexander Williamson, District Grand Treasurer, Hon. Godfrey Davis, District Grand Tyler, Hon.Desmond  Buttler, District Grand  Trustee, of Nassau District Grand Lodge No.1; and Hon. Eric Bennett, District Grand Trustee, Alpha District Grand Lodge No.1, Canada.

In addition to the above the inaugural ceremony was witnessed by a representative gathering of members from Florida, other jurisdictions in the USA, and Jamaica. After the ceremony, a banquet was held in honor of the Illustrative Grand and officers of both Units.


Bro. Owen WebbDeputy Master
Bro. Euclid SelmanPIG Secretary
Bro Augustus ChesterPGM Acting Treasurer
Bro. Ovrille OwensSenior Deacon
Ven. Ansel CollinsPGM Junior Deacon
Bro. Alphonso EvansInner Guard
Ven. Carl McKenziePGM Acting Tyler
Bro. Cathbert CarterChaplain
Bro. George CasisSK Trustee
Bro. Lyle RuddockAuditor


Bro. Ernest Agustus MArtin
Bro. Sean O. Simms
Bro. Hugh P. Thompson
Bro. Desmond Malcolm
Bro. Ricardo A. Francis
Bro. Theridan L. Richards