Mizpah Of Orlando #4

Bro. Whitney Martin- Illustrative Grand

Mizpah of Orlando Lodge No. 4 Third  Mechanic Lodge in the State of Florida

During the early eighties and nineties, many Mechanics relocated from London, England, and New York to Orlando, Florida. Sometime in 1989, Brother Clide Aloysius Plummer, P.I.G. and Bro. John Romans H.P. held a meeting at the residence of Bro. Romans, located at 7045 Couperin Boulevard, Orlando Florida; with the prime objective of forming a Social to become a lodge of the Independent United Order of Mechanics. At a later date, Venerable Franklin Johnson  P. G. M., and Bro.Canute Marriott P.I.G. joined the group. After several months of organizing, a letter requesting sponsorship was sent to the Beacon of Miami Lodge No.17.A Scrutinizing Committee under the chairmanship of Bro. George Powell P.I.G.was appointed to instruct the social. Members of the social labored for four years, raising funds and recruiting members, in order to meet the basic requirement of twenty-five members. During this period the meeting place was moved to a community building, located at 710 Pine Road, Orlando, Florida. Finally, towards the end of 1993, the new members were initiated and elevated to the Master’s Degree in order to be installed into office. After the officers were elected, the Scrutinizing Committee reported to Beacon of Miami Lodge No.17, that the social is in compliance with the rules and regulations. And, they recommend that an application for a dispensation be submitted to the Alpha District Grand Lodge No I. NY.

Inauguration and Installation:

On February 18th, 1994, upon the recommendation of Alpha District Grand  Lodge No.1, New York, the Executive Committee of Grand Council issued a Dispensation in the name of Mizpah of Orlando Lodge No.4: The Rt. Worshipful District Grand Master, Ron. Eadley Me Gregor, of Alpha District  Grand Lodge No.1, and his staff of officers preformed the ceremonies, witnessed by a representative gathering of members of the Order from the USA and overseas. Also, in attendance was the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Order, Rt. Hon. Winston Anthony Jones, who read the declaration.


Bro. George LykingRA Deputy Master
Bro. Albert ShillingfordPIG Secretary
Bro. Peter McLeordMM Assistant Secretary
Bro. Joseph HaylesRA Treasurer
Bro. Jasper SmithSenior Deacon
Bro. Victor RoyeRA Junior Deacon
Bro. Alton PlummerRA Inner Guard
Bro. George ScantleburyTyler
Bro. Wesley ReidPIG Trustee
Bro. Hector McPheasonSK Trustee
Bro. Hurel EnglishIPG Auditor
Bro. Dave AllenIPIG


Ven. Clive PlummerPGM
Ven. Roy ChambersPGM
Ven. Franklin JohnsonPGM
Hon. Arthur MorganPGM "Patriarch"