Beacon of Miami Chapter #14

Sis. Ernestina Campbell, PIM- Illustrative Matron

February 1982, marked the beginning of what would become a dynamic and progressive Chapter of the Independent United  Order of Mechanics, Western Hemisphere, Inc. Sisters Iris Miller, Lucille Ranger Brown; Brothers Desmond  Miller, Alton Spencer, and Hon. Albert E. Hemans, District Grand Master of Alpha  District Grand Lodge New York, met to research and formulate the Beacon of Miami  Female  Mechanics Social.

In April 1982, the social held its first meeting, under the supervision of Brothers Desmond Miller, Alton Spencer, Berris Anderson, Alva Jones, and Carlton Burton.

Sis. Iris Miller was appointed president, Sis. Walulene Eleby Burton, Secretary, and Sis. Lucille Ranger Brown was appointed Treasurer.

After several months the Social grew in numbers and strength. These ladies, filled with energy, zeal, and determination, displayed the true meaning of unity and sisterly love. Soon there were twenty-eight very outstanding members, ready to stand firm and make this chapter second to none.

Four members of the social were already Mechanics. Sisters Iris Miller and Lucille Ranger-Brown were members of Loyal Hibbert Court of Ester Chapter No.1, Kingston, Jamaica. Sis. Icilda Bryan from Ruth Chapter, Yallas St. Thomas, Jamaica, and Sis. Alpha  Murray was initiated in a Chapter in Connecticut, U.S.A.

Sometime later, a letter requesting sponsorship was sent to Tuscan Chapter No.1, New York. The illustrative Matron, Sis. Iris Francis, worked assiduously preparing, members for initiation and elevation in order to achieve their goal.

Due to distance of the sponsoring Chapter, the Illustrative Matron Sister Iris  Francis appointed a Scrutinizing Committee comprising of Hon. Glasford Earl, Special  Deputy-Florida, Bro. Owen Daley P. I. G R. A., and Bro. Ivan  D. Brown  S.K., to instruct and supervise the social.

On May 29th, 1983, Hon. Albert E. Hemans, Rt. Worshipful District Grand Master, of Alpha District Grand Lodge No. 1, New York, pursuant to notice, visited Miami with his staff of officers for the purpose of Inauguration and  Installation of Beacon of Miami  Chapter.


Sis. Maxine OsborneSK Deputy Matron
Sis. Ethel DorsettSK Secretary
Sis. Loris Johnson- SimmsPIM Senior Deacon
Sis. Felicia M. EversleyJunior Deacon
Sis. Rena AndersonInner Guard
Sis. Velda PowellPIM Tyler
Sis. Juliet McGriffPIM Chaplain
Sis. Leonie BoothePIM Trustee
Sis. Icilda BryanPIM Auditor